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A Great Vibrant Economy:

Germany is an affluent country that lies in the heart of Europe, giving any business a strategic vantage point that helps greatly. Along with this, workers in Germany are of great skill. It is a very innovative market as well. There has been a lot of spending in recent years that has led to great innovations and patent applications in Germany, the most by any country in 2016. 

Overall Stability:

The political and economic climate of Germany is very docile, giving entrepreneurs the ease of mind to invest in their ideas safely and with assurance of no outside interference. Germany also has very strong laws based on copyright infringement and theft of intellectual property. Anything that is your intellectual property will stay just that in Germany and will be under no risk of being stolen or copied due to heavy copyright laws that the country has. Economic policies in Germany also focus on this issue, with competition laws in place, so no other company can slander your product for their personal gain.

Laws that will help you grow:

Germany has institutions set up that allow funding to your business and help you set up. The German business registry process is also made easier through loan programs employed by the Federal government as well as the EU to help people set up their individual businesses in Germany. These programs also include grants that are non-repayable. These laws specifically help those who are currently on the unemployment benefit.

All German states have information centers that assist you in setting up your startup businesses. They give advice to entrepreneurs for free and this may help you greatly whilst looking at ideas to make your business grow.

Ecommerce in Germany:

World Bank’s figures, as per 2016, state that 90% of Germans are Internet users. This is a high number as compared to UK’s figure of 89% and USA’s tally of 76%). Apart from this, 87% of Germans are totally into online shopping. This enhances the ecommerce market of Germany that is occupied by ecommerce giants. Obviously, Amazon is the number one platform that is used in Germany for online shopping but beyond that, the ecommerce market is a pool of nothing by German companies. To start online business today would mean joining an already welcoming and affluent German market in the online space.


If you start online business today, the only thing that you would have to do is acquire a local domain in Germany and you’d be set to go. The trust factor is very large when it comes to online business and it’s noticeable how the German Market has a lot more of it than others. Being one of the most active online country’s it is a great and vast market to tackle and having people’s trust will go a long way to start online business today.

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