German business registry

There are several different permissions and registries that you must go through before you can start any kind of business or freelance work in Germany.  This article will take you through all the permits you must have as well as a basic idea of German business registry itself.

The first thing that you might find to be a necessity is a permit of residence and you’ll have to register your company with the tax office as you would have to do in any other country before you can start work. 

The procedure for setting up a company in Germany is the same for foreigners as it is for German citizens, which makes it relatively hassle free. Being a citizen of a country that is a member of the EU does have its benefits as you would just need to inform the local registry. If you are a citizen of a state that does not belong to the EU, but you have a settlement permit, you can start your business at any time.

The only trouble you would have to go through during the registry process is the acquiring of a residence permit as you would have to provide business details that would notify the authorities of your financial security and of the benefit your business would be offering to the German economy. 

There are two categories of employment in Germany that are decided based on the nature of your work. You can either work as a self-employed trader, given that the nature of your job is related to any commercial business. If not this, you can work in a liberal profession, which is related to services that are offered to the general population, such as being a doctor or a teacher. 

Before you start your work, the process of German business registry dictates that you must be examined or you must take a course in whatever field you are trying to work. This is the only way to gain access to a work permit. 

Working as a freelancer or if you are working as a self-employed trader, you only have to apply for a local tax number from your local tax office. However, everyone else must go to the trade office and give them a list of requirements whilst applying for a permit. These include a passport, settlement permit in some cases, a permit depending on whichever sector you will be working in and a 10-40 EUR fee. All of this information will be given to the concerned authorities by the trade office. Along with this, you might have to alert other authorities as well such as the construction office and the statutory health fund. The German business registry process is also made easier through loan programs employed by the Federal government as well as the EU to help people set up their individual businesses in Germany. These programs also include grants that are non-repayable and also help those who are currently on the unemployment benefit.

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